Genesis Engine

Empowering Developers, Safeguarding Gamers

The Genesis Engine ensures seamless compliance with regulations for web3 game companies. By simplifying integration, it empowers developers to focus on creating while ensuring the security of intricate game economies and loot-systems. For gamers, the Genesis Engine acts as a centralized hub, facilitating the discovery and trade of NFTs. It also simplifies tax management and safeguards investments through a robust SAFU fund, providing an additional layer of security.


Regulatory Compliance

We ensure seamless compliance with regulations for web3 game companies

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Game Economy and Loot Systems

We provide you with ready-to-use game economies and loot systems.

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We provide SDKs and APIs for all the popular gaming blockchains.

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NFT & Token Marketplace

We enable developers to have their own market places both in-game and on our website, as well as a global marketplace.

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We make sure to protect our users and developers funds by having a SAFU fund.

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Free To Use!

Our platform is “free” to use, we generate our revenue from trading fees between players and players – Developers.

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Genesys Chain

Genesys Chain

The Genesys blockchain features a layered structure with a main Layer 1 and game-specific Layer 2 blockchains. Unique “receipt” and “temporary” asset chains enable high-speed transactions and rapid asset updates, enhancing efficiency.

Layered Blockchain:

Layered Blockchain:

Genesys employs a multi-layered blockchain architecture, featuring a main Layer 1 acting as a repository for assets and data. Each game introduces a Layer 2 blockchain, facilitating asset loading from the main chain and storage specific to the game.

Smart Contract Integration:

Smart Contract Integration:

Genesys ensures that even transactions outside its chain include smart contract fees. Developers incorporating the platform automatically integrate transaction fees into their smart contracts, if a developer already has deployed their game we can charge monthly fees if required.

Proof of Stake

Proof of Stake

Genesys ensures simultaneous validation of multiple transactions by randomly selecting validators. Stakers, who can be anyone holding tokens, receive rewards based on diminishing returns, promoting widespread participation and network security.

Transaction Fee Model:

Transaction Fee Model:

The Genesys Blockchain has no gas fees, instead it charges set fees on transactions, directing funds to an escrow account for transparent distribution among the company, game studios, and validators. We do have the option of charging a monthly fee.

Genesys Council

The Genesis Council:
Shaping the Future of the Genesis Engine Ecosystem.

The Genesis Council, a player-elected advisory group, wields significant influence in shaping the development of our gaming ecosystem—the Genesis Engine.

Members of the council enjoy benefits such as event admission and digital rewards, embodying a community-driven commitment.

Comprising dedicated members, their responsibilities include:

Code of Conduct

Upholding a Code of Conduct to ensure professionalism and transparency.


Advocating for the player community in strategic development discussions.


Collaborating through online meetings, internal access, and on-site summits.


Providing structured feedback on development priorities, features, and active projects.

Genesys Council
Genesys Chain


This is a high level roadmap for 2024 – 2026

Q1 2024

The Genesis

- Community Building: Goal 2500+
- Juicebox launch
- Website re-design
- Pre-sale / private sale
- Seed investment
- MVP development

Q2 2024

Building Momentum

- Community Building: Goal 10 000+
- Team size: 10
- Solana implemented (potential pre-release)
- Onboard developers for feedback / evaluation
- Public sale
- Exchange listing (already in talks with: LCX,, LA Token, Coinstore and more)

Q3 2024

Scaling Heights

- Community Building: Goal 30 000+
- Team size: 13
- Alpha version
- Marketplace preview
- Onboard more developers
- Planning to list on Binance, Bybit etc.
- PoC Genesys chain

Q4 2024

MVP Showcase

- Community Building: Goal 60 000+
- Team size: 18
- Beta
- MVP release
- Solana and two more chains implemented

Q1 2025

Expanding Foundations

- Community Building: Goal 100 000+
- Team size: 22
- MVP Genesys chain
- One to two additional blockchains supported (5 in total)

Q2 2025

Fine-Tuning Genesys Chain

- Team size: 30
- Beta Game asset loot systems / game economy systems
- Beta Genesys chain
- Two additional blockchains supported (total 7)

Q2 2026

Main Net Launch

- Main net launch Genesys chain


The Team Behind The Genesis Engine

Triolith Games has assembled a world class team from the blockchain and gaming industry.


Magnus Söderberg

CEO & Founder

Magnus has 15,000+ hours playing and analyzing the world’s first P2E game, Entropia Universe. He leveraged this expertise for his Bachelor’s thesis on how to build P2E game economies and loot systems that adhere to regulations while studying game design.

In the game industry since 2010, Magnus co-founded the mobile game studio Triolith Entertainment, releasing six games, including the hit title MEGATROID on Google Play. He’s also a co-founder of Gold Town Games.


To be announced


Our CTO is a Senior IT architect and digital assets tech expert with over 30 years experience of designing solutions at top tier companies in educational, medical and financial sectors. After a string of lead architect roles, the latest as Chief IT Architect at KTH Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm, he now focus entirely on web3 initiatives, the primary one being Triolith Games.

WhatsApp Image 2023-12-11 at 17.18.07

Gary Weeks

Community Manager & PR

Gary, a PR and Community Manager with a passion for connecting people, driving visibility and building strong, engaged communities.

Previously worked on games such as World Hockey Manager from Gold Town Games and Dungeon Dogs from PocApp Studios.


To be announced


Our CMO is an experienced advertising and marketing leader with 7+ years in strategic planning, web 2.0, and web 3.0.

In a career spanning 7+ years, She has served startups, Fortune 500 companies, and multinational organizations. She has worked with a variety of clients from startups to industry giants and the government sector.


Early investors & Advisors

Triolith Games has assembled an amazing team of advisors from the gaming and blockchain industry.


Sami Rusani


Sami Rusani, a serial entrepreneur and advisor, has founded multiple businesses, collaborating with startups and Fortune 500 companies. His clients include Mercedes, VISA, Sony, and more. Sami started in the music industry, later creating an Inc. 500-listed marketing agency.

He’s involved in AI and blockchain, serves on an e-sports company board, and is an avid traveler and wine enthusiast


Tabitha Hayes

Early Investor

Currently Managing director, EMEA Publishing at Epic Games.
Previous VP, Global Brand Management and Marketing at Electronic Arts Europe.


Åsa Sundqvist

Advisor & Investor

Has worked with innovative start-up’s, edge cloud and blockchain technology for the last 6 years. Vast experience in leadership, growth strategies and delivering scalable solutions.


Oscar Clark


Oscar Clark has many years of experience from the gaming industry. Moderator for the Pocket Gamer events around the world. Oscar was part of building one of the first web3 gaming platforms.

Core Values

Core Values: Autonomy, Innovation, and Employee Well-being

At our core, we believe in fostering a dynamic and innovative work culture, placing a premium on creativity. My role as the visionary is to guide our mission of creating a workplace that values autonomy, collaboration, and adaptability.

To realize this vision, we embrace a decentralized model inspired by industry leaders such as Supercell and Valve Corporation. Our small, autonomous teams are empowered to make decisions and engage in creative experimentation. As CEO, my primary role is that of a visionary and a support function, ensuring teams have the necessary mandates, tools, and support for outstanding product development.

Our working culture is built on the latest scientific insights. We advocate for shorter workdays (typically 6-7 hours) and explore the potential of a 4-day work week. Additionally, we offer 5 weeks of paid vacation and support remote work. These practices are not just about employee well-being; they contribute to a happy and productive workforce, ultimately enhancing the quality of our products.

In summary, my role as the visionary is to steer our approach founded on the principles of autonomy, innovation, and employee well-being, creating a workplace that not only values happiness but also drives superior productivity and the development of exceptional products.

Core Values

Awesome Partners
of The Genesis Engine

And we’re just getting started.


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