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Welcome to Triolith Entertainment

Triolith Games AB is a provider of a platform, a set of tools and frameworks for game developers to implement and manage their in-game assets and game economies using Blockchain, NFT’s and cryptocurrencies. By enabling true ownership of in-game assets, game developers can empower gamers and incentivize sustainable game economies without losing control over how their games operate.

The Triolith platform supports any type of game, from simple games like trading card games, to complex games such as League of Legends and massively multiplayer games such as Eve Online or Entropia Universe


We’re building a new mobile game platform to help players with securing in-game assets to prove authenticity and ownership. This unique solution allows users to to safely transfer in-game items from one player to another, and even between games!

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About Brooklyn

The team

We believe in a diverse range of experience to bring creative skills,
technology, and ideas to the table.


Magnus S.


Magnus is an experienced game developer, currently based in Skellefteå where he is spearheading the Triolith headquarters.


Andreas J.


Andreas is an experienced leader and business developer, and has been building next generation technology platforms for over 20 years. He’s got a strong understanding of key business areas to drive revenue growth and communicate effectively to help understand the ins and outs of business processes.